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Micro-electronic infusion pump

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Micro-electronic infusion pump (Quality certification: CE ISO)
The micro-electronic infusion pump is high technological medical infusion device that
can be apply on postoperative analgesia, child delivery, and therapy of chronic pain
which safely and effectively delivers medication. Besides the regular uninterrupted
infusion, a PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) set is equipped with programmable
presets for individual clinical requirement that patients can control additional
analgesic when necessary.

a. Easy programming modes: CBI (Continuous Basal Infusion), PCA only, CBI +
b. The capacity of infusion reservoir cassette: 100ml & 200ml
c. Basal flow rates from 0.5-9.0 ml/hr.
d. Patient self-control flow rate from 0.5-9.0ml/hr.
e. Infusion lockout time from 3 minutes to 90 minutes.
f. Volumetric accuracy:+/-10%.
g. Infusion history report, including effective PCA times, PCA volume given and total
volume give.
a. Simple to use: Comprehensible, step-by-step programming instructions with the
simple keypad design make the product easy to learn and use.
b. Safe and reliable
--Security password restricts unauthorized operation.
--Automatic self-check whenever pump switches on minimized risk of error.
--Alarming and instructing:
*Infusion reservoir cassette lock released;
*Single infusion running is finished;
*Excessive infusion;
*Battery voltage-lack alarming (Voltage below 2.3v);
*Mechanical breakdown;

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