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We are always dealing with reliable and branded products and cooperating with professional manufacturers. Only the high quality products will be introduced to our customers.


Our extensive product line includes:


Medical & Healthcare
Medical consumables, Medical instruments and analyzers, Medical equipments, Diagnostics, Lab supplies, Chinese herbal medicine, herbal supplement.


Building & Construction materials
Waterproof & Vapour permeable membrane (roof foil, wall foil),  Wall thermal insulation system,  Coated alkaline-resistant fberglass mesh, Construction adhesives (PU foam, Silicon sealant, PVC adhesives, etc), Laminate floorings, Cork floorings, Wooden floorings, HDF, MDF, Tools (PU goam gun, silicon sealant gun, plastering trowel, bicklaying trowel, etc), Modern stonework (full range of granite and marble products).


Electronic supplies & Consumer electrical device
Tablet PCs, Laptops, PCs, USB accessaries,  Electric calculator, Flashlight, Radio, Loud-speaker, Electric iron, etc.


Machiney & Equipment
Excavator, Forklift, Pallet truck, Diesel engine, Electrical motor, Reducer, etc.


Lights &Lighting
Outdoor lighting, (Street lamp, Garden lamp, Solar lamp), LED lights, etc.


Mines & Minerals
Ferrosilicon, Ferromanganese, Manganese flake, quartz sand, etc.


Solar energy products
Solar energy system (Solar cell, Solar panel, etc), Solar water heater, Solar lamp.


Other general merchandises-Unclassified

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