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Elastomeric pump

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Disposable infusion pump,
CBI (Continuous Basal Infusion ) type , CBI+PCA (Patients Controlled Analgesia) type
Quality certification: ISO9001, ISO13485, CE
Product Features:
The Disposable Infusion Pump contains a silicone rubber reservoir, together with PVC tube, ABS tubing connector and filter. The fluid path is latex free. a. The reservoir is made of medical silicone rubber material. With the balanced contraction of the reservoir, it provides a balanced pressure for continuous infusion. b. The tube is made of medical PVC materials, It is good at resisting pressure and bends, and will not be blocked even if twisted. The filter can effectively filter off the air bubbles, germs and particles of foreign substances.
Product Specification:
Volume: 100ml/150ml/250ml, Flow rate: 2/3/4/5ml per hour, Bolus: 0.5ml/15mins

Used in the analgesia after surgical operations or childbirth, in the therapy of chronic pains, in the analgesia for malicious tumor as well as some other therapies that involve the self-controlled micro injections.

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