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Electrical Hospital Bed

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Electrical Hospital Bed


Quality certification: CE ISO



*This bed is applicale to supplementary medical treatment and rehabilitation, which can help the patient to turn aournd through adjustment of the bed position for better rehabilitation, and effectively reduce the incidence of bedsore.

*The up and down movement for whole, head, knee and tilt movement of front and rear, left and right are controlled by electrical system.

*ABS components are easily assembled and disassembled. The side rail can move up and down for better protection.

*The HB material is applied for back board design and equipped with radiographic cassettes which can provide X-ray performance in bed and avoid hurt to patient caused by repeated movement.

*The safety control system provide good protection.

*Equipped with high quality safety motor with extra accumulator provide 4-hour operating period without direct current.

*Equipped with hand-held control panel, buid-in control panel and pedal control system for quick and easy control.

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