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Multi-functional nursing bed

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Multi-functional nursing bed,


Quality certification: CE ISO


This Multi-functional nursing bed is fabricated by stuctural frame with good appreance. It is designed able to be adjusted for meeting different demand. It equips with relaible braking system and Denmark imported motor providing excellent stability. It can pre-set the position for patient and have the function of calling nurse, entertainment, and electronic weighing, which can be easily operated by the patient.


Technical date:
1. Rated voltage: 220V±22V
2. Rated current: 3A
3. Bed surface size: 2075*825mm 
4. Adjustable range of bed height: 0mm-400mm±30mm
5. Maximum drawing-back length of the foot stepping board: 300mm±30mm
6. Maximum upper angle of bed body: 12°±3°
7. Maximum lower angle of bed body: 12°±3°
8. Maxium tilted angle of back: 75°±5°
9. Back restoring time in emrgency: ≤15S
10. Head lower tilt time in emergency: ≤18S
11. Bending angle of lower bed board: 85°±5°
12. Folding angle of high board: 12°±3°
13. Motionless load capacity: 170Kgs
14. Fusion box: 3A

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