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Pregnancy Test Kits

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Pregnancy Test Kit


The Pregnancy Test Kits include strips, cassettes and midstreams.


The early pregnancy test kits are economical and affordable solution for pregnancy testing. These tests are an economical answer for couples who want to find out quick if they are pregnant.

The most cheap and affordable pregnancy test - a great value! Same test used by doctors and in clinics. Lightweight for cheap shipping and easy storage. 99% accurate results in 5 minutes or less.

With a high sensitivity of 20 mIU/mL (lower is better), our pregnancy test strips are for detecting pregnancy between 6 and 15 days after fertilization of the egg.



Warnings and precautions
1. Read directions for use carefully before performing this test. Pay attention to the position of the C and T line.

2. Do not use beyond the labeled expiration date.

3. The test device should remain in the sealed pouch until use. Do not use if pouch is damaged or opened.

4. Do not reuse the test devices. Discard it in the dustbin after single use.

5. Do not touch the membrane located within the windows. 

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