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Reinforced endotracheal tube

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Reinforced Endotracheal Tube


Quality certification: CE ISO


Features and specification:


-Material: Non-toxic,medical grade PVC material kink-resistant;


-With Cuff size I.D. ranging from 5.0mm to 9.5mm; Without Cuff size I.D. ranging from 3.0mm to 9.5mm;


-High volume, low pressure cuff; high level of tactile feedback from pilot balloon;


-Non-toxic, medical grade PVC material; Kink- resistant;


-Transparent tube with visible markings for easy observation;


-Spiral stainless steel reinforcing wire within tube wall reduces risk of crushing or kinking;


-Smoothly finished tube tip minimizes trauma during intubation;


-Tube and cuff welds for ease of intubation and extubation;


-Murphy Eye smoothly formed to allows ventilation in the event of obstruction of the end of the tube during intubation;


-15mm connector conforming to ISO5356-1 ensuring full compatibility with circuit connections;


-Smooth inner wall of tube resists secretion adherence and ensures ventilation;


-Flexible to conform to patient position; optimum choice for surgery when bending or compression of the tube is likely to occur


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