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Roof Foil (Waterproof & Vapour permeable Foil)

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Waterproof & Vapour permeable Foil, roof foil


Product Characteristics

A. Excellent Performance at water resistance
B. Particular function of vapour permeability, so called Breathable membrane

C.Good performance at UV resistance

D. Tear resistance, wear resistance, good extensibility.
E. Light and thin, antiskid, with good low temperature flexibility, suitable for
construction in different condition.
F. The 100% returnable polymer materials, fit the ecologist requirements.



A. Improve watertightness of building, prevent the construction from the invasion of wind and rain, protecting
the structural materials and equipments inside roof and wall.

B. Improve the energy saving and insulation effect. Due to the unique water proof and vapour permeable performance, when forming the protection to the insulating layer, it can also effectively avoid the negative influence from the temperature difference between interior and exterior. Hence, it increasing the effects of insulation and energy saving as well as providing the continuously energy saving.

C. Shorten the construction period. Thanks to the good water resistant performance, interior construction and exterior can be performed at the same time so that reduce the construction period, reduce the construction cost.

D. Improve the residential environment. Because of the special breathable function, the interior vapour can naturally exhaust, will effectively avoid mould and condensation, keep dry, permeate and comfortable indoor, improve the residential environment.



Mainly used as underlay for pitched roof and enclosure protection for insulating layer of walls.


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