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Coated Alkaline-resistant Fiberglass Mesh

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Coated Alkaline-resistant Fiberglass Mesh

Product Information:
(Recommended application) : marble back sticking, interior wall insulation fisinishing system, external wall thermal insulation, gypsum board, cement strengthening, anti wall crack,

Alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh is woven by C-fiberglass yarn as its basis fabric, then coated by alkaline resistant latex, It has a feature of fine alkaline-resistance, high tensile strength of warp and woof.

Advantage: Softness, and easy use for construction can help reducing consumption quantity of plaster motar. The Marble board strengthened with glass mesh can help avoid damage during the transportation and further manufacturing process.

Common specifications:
1.Mesh size:5*5mm,4*5mm;
2.Weight/M2: 65g-90g, 125-130g, 145g, 160g, 300g(reinforced type)
3.Length/roll:50m,100m ;
4.Width/roll: 1m- -2m;
5.Colours : white(standard),other colors such as yellow, orange and blue also available as per customers requirements;
6.Packing: Each roll blister packed, 6 rolls or 30 rolls packed in carton;
7.Special size can also be done as per customers requirements.

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